Woo Family Ministry persistence

I have been wondering, why are so many people distressed, confused, panicked, struggling with this and at such dis- ease? Is it because of the unseen? Is it because this coronavirus roams around unseen? Why am I not afraid?

I am not afraid because this is nothing new. To the seasoned Christian this is nothing new. This is something God has warned us about. “For we are not fight against flesh and blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the UNSEEN world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil SPIRITS in the heavenly places.”

Just like the commercial, “We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two”. To the seasoned Christian, we’ve seen a thing or two. We’ve battled the unseen before. We’ve battled the spirit of fear before. We have been victorious over the SPIRIT of insecurity. We should already have on our armor. Our helmet of salvation should give us a SOUND mind. To think with the wisdom of God.

This is a great opportunity for people to graduate. To take the bottle out of your mouth and learn to feed yourselves. Learn to chew on the spiritual food found in God’s word. The same food you have been bottle feed for years. This is a time to activate that which is in you and to learn HE IS STRONGER than that which is in the world.

Sure, we must obey the government’s warnings and instructions. We are not to be disobedient or unruly, but we can be persistent.

Be alert and persistent in our prayers. Praying at ALL times and on EVERY occasion. Everywhere you turn people are discussing the virus, PRAY. Websites and news outlets talking about it, PRAY. On Social media people are posting about the virus, PRAY. People are talking about the struggles at work, PRAY. Financial loss, PRAY. The parents that now needs to find childcare and juggle work, PRAY. SO many opportunities to PRAY. Don’t just pray for the believers though, pray for the unbelievers as well. Pray that they would see your light shine in the darkness of the times.

The Lord is in control, it’s us that get out of control. We need to visit our Heavenly Chiropractor to get realigned. We should be reminded that HE IS the ALPHA and OMEGA. HE IS the BEGINNING and the END. Every morning of everyday we should have our armor on. THEN after the battle we will be standing firm, but NOT in our own strength. This is a wake-up call, we need to rely on the strength of the Lord. Remember, we already know how the story ends.

In Jesus glorious name
Michael Woo