From high to low. From joy to sorrow

Maczeen hanging with her Daddy

Maczeen hanging with her Daddy

Sunday morning started with an excited high (church, the bake sale and teaching Sunday school), but the day ended on a sobering low

So often we take things for granted, but that wasn’t the case with our beagle (Maczeen). From the very first time our eyes connected she knew she was mine and I was hers. We bonded right away. She was a sleepy little pup. The moment she saw me, she looked up and laid back done. Almost to say, SUCKER I GOT YOU. I picked her up and she slept in my arms. My heart melted and in that instance I knew we were going to be adding this Beagle to our new family.

Maczeens first time sleeping on a bed at a hotel in ventura

From the moment we met she slept in my arms until the day we had to put her to rest, she was in my arms. She never really liked other people holding her. It was kind of our special thing. Man was that dog special!

So many memories. Maczeen must of had nine lives to go along with her many names. She was named after my other dog I had growing up named “Mac”. That dog was very smart and Maczeen was just as special. Let’s see, we called her “Maczeen”, “Maczeenie Beanie Weenie”, Maczeen Sniffer Woo (when she got in trouble), or even simply “B”. Toward the end I even think she began to learn Spanish? I would say, “Beanie ven (come)” or “Beanie, ven aqui (come here)” and she knew what I was saying.

Maczeen smelling the flowers

That girl would get into so much trouble. Too smart for her own good and that nose of hers would lead the way. She knew how to open doors and unzip bags. So many times we would come home to wrappers. Oh, did I forget to mention, she knew how to open candy wrappers? Yep, there was a time she ate 21 Ghirardelli dark chocolates. YES, twenty-one. Not a typo! Let’s see, tulip bulbs, rat poison, coffee and the list goes on.

She was a very special dog and will be forever in our hearts. Rest now Beanie and suffer no more. We will miss you immensely. Thank you for gifting me one more night to cuddle with you.

– Michael Woo