Anyone know where the time brakes are?

Woo Family Ministry - time blog

Getting up earlier and earlier doesn’t seem to be adding much to my time schedule. Between studying for Vineyard Institute courses, family, work, planning the ministry launch, the website details and I am sure I’m missing something, before I know it it’s bed time. Now Fall is upon us and the madness of October, November and December are about to kick into full swing. October is about our most hectic month. Birthdays, our anniversary and stuff, oh my.

Rabbit trail #1: I am on my last course for a Certificate in Biblical Studies through Vineyard Institute.  It’s only taken 3 years… Where is that rolls eyes emoji? Anyways, I have never been a good student. I’m like that dog on the hunt for something and sees a squirrel! SQUIRREL!

Rabbit trail #2: Shannan and I will be celebrating 16 years of marriage together. That’ll be a good post, stay tuned.

Trying not to get overwhelmed or distracted (squirrel) are my biggest hurdles and the years of running our business has helped me compartmentalize and prioritize. Through it all, God has been amazingly faithful and purposeful. If you don’t already, I would highly suggest a notebook to keep track of your thoughts and happens. As you will be amazed when you look back on them and see how God was at work.

Anyways, before I get distracted again, have a blessed day and please remember to pray for the Woo Family as we continue preparing for the next journey in our walk with Christ.

– Michael